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Caroline Harrison

MA Integrative Psychotherapy (MBACP)

When life, decisions and relationships go wrong or feel wrong, it can be easier to talk to someone from the "outside". Someone who doesn't have any judgements or preconceptions about who you are and the choices you make. 

If you find yourself in crisis, confused or distressed, you might benefit from some confidential support. Counselling and psychotherapy offer hope for change. It's possible to look at your situation through fresh eyes and do things differently – no matter the circumstance, no matter the person. 


About Me

Counsellor, Oxford, Caroline Harrison

My training was in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP accredited) at the Minster Centre in London. This approach draws from the major therapeutic schools of thought. In practice this means that I reflect on what you think, feel and believe about yourself on many levels and help you to find your own understanding.

Whatever you wish to share, I offer you the empathy and time to reflect. I also work relationally. This means that the trusting partnership we develop will allow you to notice how you relate to yourself and others. 

Therapy is my vocation and passion. I am of dual heritage and have a background in languages (Spanish and French). Communicating and listening are at the heart of my practice, and I take seriously the ethical guidelines of my professional body (BACP).


I welcome enquiries from anyone who is struggling, offering a free first session. This gives us both a chance to see how we get along and to decide whether we can work together. Afterwards the sessions are 50 minutes long and £60 each. 

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Whether you're ready to arrange a first session or simply want to know more about therapy, please do call or email me. You're welcome to use the query form below too.

I am based in Oxford and work from Headington and Summertown (The Practice Rooms).

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